Let´s Go

From Assimilation to Cultural Integration
in four European Countries

The project goal is to design, implement, test and disseminate a functional training tool – Online Course – that allows Youth workers, collaborating with immigrants, migrants and asylum seekers, to increase their knowledge, skills, intercultural and transcultural practices.

The project is addressed to Youth workers working with migrants and immigrants in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the Netherlands

What we do

The project is addressed to Youth workers from the following European countries: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Netherlands. The migratory phenomenon amplifies in the local communities common feelings dictated by the emergency, the fear, the insecurity and the problems of cohabitation. At the same time the lack of effective responses to the social integration needs of the immigrant person leads to phenomena of radicalization of cultural identities. The experts must be able to manage the cultural, ethnic and religious differences, to stimulate intercultural understanding that facilitates human relations, tolerance, mutual cooperation and promotes the richness that diversity brings to the citizens. Youth workers have a strategic role in creating concrete spaces for dialogue with young immigrants. They help young migrants to understand and participate in their new social, economic and cultural environment and to integrate fully into society. The aim of the project is to devise, implement, test and disseminate an educational opportunity – an online course. This tool will support the acquisition of knowledge, skills, intercultural and transcultural practices of the Youth Workers in Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. They will make it possible to conveniently use the cultural differentials expressed by young migrants / immigrants and encourage their integration process in the host / adoption country. 

The idea meets the following needs:

– to improve the quality of youth work, 

– to develop and facilitate the training of first-line workers working with migrant /immigrant groups to improve understanding of the migration process, 

– to provide youth workers with an educational opportunity to help them perform their jobs better,

– to improve their curricula, 

– to face the problem of the integration of young migrants / immigrants, 

– to replace a greater understanding of social diversity, linguistic and cultural ethics -to increase knowledge, sharing and respect for European values on: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.

Number and profile of participants

The project involves, in the various project activities, 400 Youth Workers (Public Employees of Municipal Administrations, Hospitals, UTG, Asp, Courts, Figures of the third sector such as: reception operators, social workers, intercultural mediators, legal operators, educators, psychologists) who work in contact with migrants / immigrants. ACTIVITY Based on the analysis of the training needs of Youth Workers in an ethno-psychological and anthropological key, the project creates, implements and tests an on-line course on e-learning platform. The 60-hour online course will be structured in 4 training modules: 




4. TEST. 

The online course will be in Italian and translated into the languages of the Spanish, English and Dutch project partner countries. The IO is aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills, intercultural and transcultural practices of the Youth Workers to facilitate the social and cultural integration of migrants / immigrants. The course will be supported by the Methodological Guide written in Italian which includes the methodology, content, style of the online training course, the results achieved (improvements of the skills of the youth workers) and the modality. The guide will be translated into SP, UK, NL It is available on the platform, on the project website and on the project partners’ websites. 


– Development of a European framework of the Youth Workers training needs to overcome the critical nodes of the cultural assimilation policies of migrants / immigrants in the territories hosted / adopted,

– An intellectual product (online course) that can be used internationally because it is implemented and shared in 4 languages, 

– Open source E-learning platform,

– A methodological guide that includes methodology, contents, style of the online training course, results to be achieved (improvement of the skills of the youth workers),

– Creation of a network of links between the subjects (public and third sector operators) offering services to immigrants / migrants,

– Strengthening the knowledge and skills of the YW in promoting the integration of the culture of interreligious and intercultural dialogue,

– Development of Curricula,

– Development of the critical sense of the YW, based on knowledge and not on prejudices and stereotypes,

– Increase in integration.

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